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A lovingly restored home in Johannesburg

i began following Chloe O’Doherty sometime last year, in the midst of those early all-consuming baby days – when i found myself stalking as many mothers as I could on Instagram. it was a way for me to silently connect with women going through the same thing as i was, trying to figure out life with a new baby while balancing whatever else is thrown at you.

Chloe’s daughter Ava is a few months older than Axel, and they moved into their newly renovated home in Johannesburg’s Parktown North just before she was born. we also moved into our own old house right before Axel’s birth, so i found myself connecting to Chloe in more ways than one. i got a few glimpses into their place through her various Instagram Stories, and eventually reached out to ask if she’d care to share their home on the blog.

i would usually take these kind of home tour photos myself, but being that i’m 1400km away in Cape Town proved a bit of an obstacle. luckily for me, and you, Chloe is a photographer. she and her husband Patrick run KISS KISS, specialising in family, birth, newborn & pregnancy photography. their motto is ‘real is more interesting than perfect’, which i think applies pretty perfectly to their home, too.

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